Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Almost Over

Lately I've been sleeping at 3 am because of Meteor Garden. HAHAHA. I'm just trying to enjoy my summer. Well my summer activity for this summer is to watch tv, movies, Korean novela (FYI I finished 2 already The heirs and My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho gotta blog about my top picks after i finished the last two that I will be watching), Meet with my Love♥ go to the mall. Huhu. I know. Just a typical boring summer for me:( I even only went to the beach once to resorts twice! huhu.:( But even if my summer was just like that typical or not so boring summer, It's a little bit okay with me because I don't want to get dark. HAHAH. My skin's color takes a long time to go back after too much exposure to the sun. :D Actually my dream summer vacation does not consist of too much beach or pools. Maybe pool at night. My dream summer is just you know travel to the cold places, to provinces like Davao (because i lived there for 2 years and i miss it already:|), Road trip with friends or with my loves♥, go to festivals, you know stuffs like that.

Anywaaaaay, here is a not so laid back outfit I wear on some Sundays :)

On Sundays, I usually wear skater skirts or maxi skirts or full circle skirts because as I have said on my previous post I HAATEE WEARING PANTS. HAHAHAH :D

Bag from Parisian
I am a fan of these mix and match earrings and I'm in love with these. hihi. From Terranova

So there goes my not so summery summer and my Sunday outfit. :) How was your summer? Tell me about it on the comment box! :)

Thursday, May 29, 2014


I never liked wearing jeans because I feel itchy and I think it is always too hot to wear jeans. But since it is not allowed to wear shorts in our school, and the required length of the skirt  is a little bit long (actually when I wear one the length in front is just okay, but it gets shorter at the back part -.-) I'm starting to learn on wearing pants. It is really annoying every time I wear it especially when the sun is so very very up because IT IS SOOOO HOOT.

Kimono from Knots, Jeans from Lee, Shoes from S&H

I fell in love with studs ever since I got my ear pierced last year (Yes!Last year only :D)And I just loved this earrings from Avon perfect for everyday use or for formal events :)

Do you also have dress codes in your school and you are getting a little bit annoyed sometimes? Leave yor thoughts in the comment box! :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chic Flix

So lately I've been addicted to watching these short films that are all about love stuff. I'm addicted like when I wake up I just switch my phone on and watch these films. Hahaha! I'm literally blogging on my bed right now thru mg phone. hihi;D So I've been watching these short films by Wong Fu Productionthey don't only have  those love films but they also have those funny stuff. Hahaha! But this post is my top 5 love short films;)) (I'll post the videos here :))

So my first pick is Away We Happened. It has six parts but each time one finishes the next video is already on the choices so just click it. I find this very cuuute! seriously. It's like a telenovela  and the characters are all so cute and great. I wish this could be a movie. huhu.(I can' post all of it here because this would be too long:()

My second pick is The Last. I watched this one for like so many times already. My boyfriend asked me to watch this one because I've been bugging him about the thing that I'm not hos "first". I find it so sweet when he told me to watch this. hihi;")

My third pick is Strangers Again . This is just my third because I find it superdyperultramega sad;( hahaha. But it is somehow true when it comes to the love cycles. THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING THRU A BREAK UP MUST REALLY WATCH THIS!  I also watched thos for lile a hundred times. ;))))

My fourth one is Somewhere Like This. This fourth one is for those people who don't give so much importance to their loved ones. Wait that's too harsh. Hahah! Sorry. Okay, maybe for thpse people who slightly ignore "somebody" or "someone" whenever they tell you they want to go here, go there with you just because you are too lazy to travel. A MUST WATCH FOR YOU GUYS!

My last pick is This Is How We Never Met. This is some kinda cute! hahah. It's a not so love story but it' a little bit of a love story because of those inside voices. You know those times when you are talking to yourself because you are somekinda shy. Hahaha. ;))

So these are my top 5 picks guys! tell me what's your top 5 picks on the comment box;)
P.S. if you are too sad after watching this. just watch THiiissss!:)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Laid Back outfit

When we went to Mind Museum I was too lazy to think of an outfit so I grabbed my sneakers, Sweater and skater skirt.HAHAHA:D

Anklets from Puerto Galera (gonna blog about it soon) and shoes from Human :)

What is your Lazy outfit?

Kid at heart

I am too excited to post about this trip and since I've been MIA because of SIMS 3 I'll post it tonight, :)

So awhile ago I went to Mind Museum with my cousin and my sister. It was a very fun experience because it was our first time to go there and all of the things that we saw was just breath taking. Especially the one where the Moon was featured and the whole place looked like the galaxy. We also played on the second floor because the displays on the second floor were the things that you can play with :)

 First Stop is the Chocolate molecule chuchu :)

Then we played with our shadows :)

We were really scared when we tried this because of the Kuya and the Mr. BEan episode where all the things sticked to him. HAHA :))

In the dinosaur path way :) (that's my sister) 

 With my Best Friend!! :)) HAHAH. IT was like Night at the Museum :)

 Groufie with the full moon (that looks like a sun in this picture) and the Galaxy on the ceiling :D

 The light path way :)) we actually forgot to take the picture of the displays because we were too busy playing hahaha! :D

On the second floor were some dresses and fashion things :))

Byeefrom us! :) The album is on my facebook which is Heeeerreeee :)) youcan see all the pictures that we took and the pictures that are showing that we are playing. HAHAH! I really recommend this place for the kids and the kids at heart because you can have so much fun while learning :)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

People everywhere

Shoes from Human

Last December 26 is my Dad's birthday so we went to Tagaytay. Unfortunately there are soooo many people.-.- We didn't even got the chance to feel the cold air or even go to sky high because of this-.- So we just ate and went down. Since it's too early to go home, we just Went to Nuvali to look for gifts.

How was your Holiday guys? I have tips for you when buying presents. First is you should know the size of the person you are going to give the gift. HAHAHA. lesson learned for us.we bought these cutie pajamas and it's too big for the receiver. Second is buy in bulk or buy in the same store!! You can save if you do this.seriously. You can just buy terno terno pajamas for a family because we did this and they actually loved it.socute! Lastly, you can buy overruns ofsome clothes. I actually do this and I'm not ashamed of it. HAHAHA. The overruns are actually in good conditions and it is so much cheaper. But in the best tip I can give you is you should buy it because you want to give it to them hindi yung napipilitan lang kasi no choice. Hihihih.:)

Hope you had a great Holiday guys!! :)


Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy place

So last December17 was our one year together and since it's his exams we just planned to celebrate it on the 19th. We just dined and played PS3 on the 17th (we realy love doing this where you sit there and just play and on the 19th we went to Star City :)))  I really love places like this because for me it's my happy place where I forget all the worries and everything bad. HAAHAAH. Of course it's a happy place especially if you're with you special someone.(char char char char.HAHAAHA) Okay so here it goes. Sorry for  the low quality photo guys. -.-

So we bought our tickets at SM tickets so that we won't fall in line.HAHHAA. I hate waiting in line.

Selfie before we go inside. HAHAHA

So before we go inside these mascots danced for us first. :)
My first ride. HAHHA
Our second ride was the Blizzard :)I actually had pasa after -.-

Our third ride was the vikings.HAHAH i was really freaking out. forgive my face.

So after the Jungle Splash we rode the Ferris wheel. I was shocked that it was air-conditioned. HAHAHA

Our View :))

My awkward face.(i bumped my head after this)

He really wanted to rid the Carousel. HAHAHA
The peter pan :) I really loved this lace because i was actually glowing. HAHAHA


Sorry for this super long post. I just wanted to share. HAHAHA! It was really fun going there. one year together baby! MY first.:)