Saturday, December 28, 2013

People everywhere

Shoes from Human

Last December 26 is my Dad's birthday so we went to Tagaytay. Unfortunately there are soooo many people.-.- We didn't even got the chance to feel the cold air or even go to sky high because of this-.- So we just ate and went down. Since it's too early to go home, we just Went to Nuvali to look for gifts.

How was your Holiday guys? I have tips for you when buying presents. First is you should know the size of the person you are going to give the gift. HAHAHA. lesson learned for us.we bought these cutie pajamas and it's too big for the receiver. Second is buy in bulk or buy in the same store!! You can save if you do this.seriously. You can just buy terno terno pajamas for a family because we did this and they actually loved it.socute! Lastly, you can buy overruns ofsome clothes. I actually do this and I'm not ashamed of it. HAHAHA. The overruns are actually in good conditions and it is so much cheaper. But in the best tip I can give you is you should buy it because you want to give it to them hindi yung napipilitan lang kasi no choice. Hihihih.:)

Hope you had a great Holiday guys!! :)


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