Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My little Love story ♥

This post is dedicated to my baby love.:)) Hihihi! I just want to share to you guys Hihihi!! =))) We like first met in our school at first he like didn't liked me but I liked him for like a year!!! I'm such a loyal person. One thing is that when I liked him he still has a girlfriend that's why I kept it to myself. But when they broke up na because the girl like cheated or something, i forgot na, that's when he told me he knows na pala for a long time. SO fast forwaaard. When he courted me, that's when he explained his self.  He liked me na eversince we were third year. After he and her girlfriend broke up but he didn't have the guts to tell me. Idunnow why. HAHAHHA!=))) So he like courted me for 3 months and then Boom. HE surprised meeeee. :"") Every girl's dream kasssiii siya! Parang nakapalibot yungchair. tas nakaheart shape. tas upuan ko andun sa gitna ng heart. HAHAH! Tas yuuun.Basta ang sweet. :"))
Eto lang picture sorry.
Fast forward again..  Anyway so we just celebrated our 6th monthsary together. Yes, even if it's just 6 months I can say that we've been through a lot. :) We are on a Long Distance Relationship and we only see each other for Like once a month.:(It's soooo very hard but every time we see each other even if we just like watch a movie it's worth it:)  

We spent our lunch eating at Tokyo Tokyo.HAHAH! ! =))) He called his food as Beef Ice cream :DDD

HAHAHHA! Funny faces:DDD

So, mainly I just want to tell those couple out there that when everything is so hard na, just keep on holding on and don't ever give up.It takes two people to make a relationship work you guys.:)) I hope this inspired you :)


Monday, June 24, 2013

Sugar Rush :D

So the busy days are here. What's a better way to treat your family?  Well how about cook some deep fried cookies or just add some flavor full fun on your family's snack or even just a dessert :) 

Step 1: Ready your ingredients :)

For me, I just used Waffle mix and Super thin :) 

Step 2: Make the batter

  The waffle mix shows the steps on how to do it. But for me, I added cheese :)

Step 3: Dip the Super Thin or crackers or cookies then fry it

Here it is :) I didn't have the picture on how to dip it but just dip the crackers o cookies into the batter. For Super Thin, i used two and dipped it together because it is too thin.

Step 5: Let it cool and top it off with the toppings you want then serve it  

I used Selecta Cookies and Cream Ice Cream and Goya to top my deep fried super thin :)

I named this as Sugar Rush because as you can see this is filled with sugar. Haha! Just remember to drink lots and lots and lots of water. ;) Hope You enjoyed my post :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beauty and Butter

So this is my first time in going there. At first me and my sister was very disappointed because they don't do facial and foot spa. But sadly, it's unavailable. So we ended up having our nails done.:)
Yes, i look so stupid in here.Taken by my sister. Hahaha! So first they  let you choose the nail art you want.  :)

The two ate that did my nails. Hahahha. Sadly.I forgot their names.But they were really good.:) On the right side she did the base coat for my nails and on the left side, she did the art thingy on it :D

The Process :D
I was really excited when she was doing it because it was so cool:)

After that they have hand dryers sot that it would dry quickly .
Finsh product :)

They also have products to choose from so that you can buy high quality nail polish 

They havegreat wallpapers that makes you feel so relaxed. :)

This experience was so relaxing.And i hope they'll  have foot spa and facial next time :)

p.s. Sorry for some low quality photos  

Sunday, June 2, 2013

BU5 :)

I'll dedicate my first post to the bloggers united 5 HAHA! So this is the first time that I'll join this. At first I really don't want to but my persistent sister made me. But going there was Worthy ;)

Outfit for the BU5
At first the line outside was just right. But after a few minute sit already reached the escalator. Good thing we came early!
Since we are early we even spotted Vern Enciso getting her make up done :)

Somethings that are getting sold.:) 
In the middle are some chairs for the tired people :)

Some of the thingsI bougt ;)

And the best part is that I got a chance to have my picture taken with these pretty bloggers! ;))

Tips :)
1. Go early to avoid being at the back of the line.
2.Buy your tickets early
3. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes ;)
4. Always smile and have fun ;)