Sunday, June 2, 2013

BU5 :)

I'll dedicate my first post to the bloggers united 5 HAHA! So this is the first time that I'll join this. At first I really don't want to but my persistent sister made me. But going there was Worthy ;)

Outfit for the BU5
At first the line outside was just right. But after a few minute sit already reached the escalator. Good thing we came early!
Since we are early we even spotted Vern Enciso getting her make up done :)

Somethings that are getting sold.:) 
In the middle are some chairs for the tired people :)

Some of the thingsI bougt ;)

And the best part is that I got a chance to have my picture taken with these pretty bloggers! ;))

Tips :)
1. Go early to avoid being at the back of the line.
2.Buy your tickets early
3. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes ;)
4. Always smile and have fun ;)

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