Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beauty and Butter

So this is my first time in going there. At first me and my sister was very disappointed because they don't do facial and foot spa. But sadly, it's unavailable. So we ended up having our nails done.:)
Yes, i look so stupid in here.Taken by my sister. Hahaha! So first they  let you choose the nail art you want.  :)

The two ate that did my nails. Hahahha. Sadly.I forgot their names.But they were really good.:) On the right side she did the base coat for my nails and on the left side, she did the art thingy on it :D

The Process :D
I was really excited when she was doing it because it was so cool:)

After that they have hand dryers sot that it would dry quickly .
Finsh product :)

They also have products to choose from so that you can buy high quality nail polish 

They havegreat wallpapers that makes you feel so relaxed. :)

This experience was so relaxing.And i hope they'll  have foot spa and facial next time :)

p.s. Sorry for some low quality photos  

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