Thursday, December 26, 2013

Just keep swimming

Long time no post for me. so sorry. HAHAHA. So last December 14 was the birthday of my mom. and through Metrodeal we wet there to celebrate her birthday. It was really great deal because 3 attractions and a buffet meal in Liquid. Sadly, we only got to go to 2 attractions; The fish spa and the Oceanarium because since we went to Liquid first because the people told us that if we wait after the next show there might be no seats available already. So since we did that, the next show for the dry encounter for the shark and sting rays was too late already and we cannot wait any longer. Overall, this experience was soooooo awweeeessoommeee:))))

Smile for the cam mom and smile fishyyyyy
Getting crazy with this fish. hahaha=))

Me and my girls. Hahahah. Jk. My mom, My little sister and my older sister

Kuya was really so photogenic here... HAHHAHAA



Model model.wirdowz...

Enjoying our fish spa. Actually my feet are

actually, the fishes are too big i think. HAAHAHA

Family pictureee hihi.

Napalook up talga kami nung dumaan siya. hahahaha

Gigantic aquarium. HAHA

This is truly amazing.Thumbs up Ocean Park for this. hhihi

Big fish out of water. haha. jk.

Matchy matchy with them :)

Hope you ad fun reading my blog. Promise.I will update it na.Hihihi.:D


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