Sunday, November 24, 2013


 Maybe you are wondering why the title is Bratz well it's because before we went to the airport my little sister just told me that I looked like a Bratz doll because of the shoes and the make up and everything. HAHA! Anyway, yesterday was my mom's flight back home from Gensan. She went there for some meetings and stuff. Why the make up? well it's really because we got bored because of the brown out that happened. they said that a bird pecked the generator. Poor bird. I wore this stripped cropped top and this crossed skater skirt paired with my platform shoes from Kamiseta. Sorry for some of the quality of the photos.I really don't know what happened I tried editing them already:( 


Hair up or hair down? hihi :))


Hope you liked my post:) Have a great week ahead =))


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