Sunday, November 10, 2013

Monster's University

Last November 3, 2013 was the celebration of my little cousin's birthday party. The theme of the party is Monster's University. The aura of the place was so happy. It is very colorful and from the entrance to the stage was so monster's university inspired.
The venue was full of these colorful balloons.

The stage was filled with these cute monsters :))

The cake! 

Below the cake stand were Mike Wazowski and Sulley. These two were given as a souvenir :)

in the entrance :)
And of course, family picture first :)

The party started with a magic show, sadly,I don't have pictures of it because I was too busy watching because it was aweessomee :)) Becasue i don't have pictures here are some random pictures. hahaha:D

Taking crazy pics with my future marine cousin. Hihihi :) He is so cute right????:) (If you are wondering why he is in uniform, it's because he has to go back to school already na:()

Me and the Super pogi birthday boy :)

If you will go to my instagram (@kmllevrgas) you will see manymany many videosof her.:) My little cousin:)
outside the venue are fooooods foods and foooods. hihi. Cotton candy, Milk tea, corn dogs and ice creaaam. wooho:) Fatss :(

Before you go inside your picture will be taken for this I.D.Cool right?

 After the party we waited for my daddy and my tito and their friends to be finished so this what the balloons did to us and seriously these balloons made everybody feel like a kiddow again. hihiihi

It was a great birthday party ca't wait for another one. :))

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