Monday, July 8, 2013

Great must watch movies :)

So for this month so far I've watched three movies already. Despicable me 2, Monsters University and Four Sisters and a Wedding. If I'm to rate these three it will be like this:


Why Despicable me 2 as the first one? Well, with all those cutie Minions and Agnes who is so adorable why not!? This movie is not just for kids but also for those people who is kiddows at heart.;) This movie is really a must watch.:)I won't spoil it so that you would be obliged to watch :D


Second is Four Sisters and A Wedding. This movie made me and my boyfie cry. Haha. It touches the hearts of the viewers because mainly the story revolves around a family who is parted because they had different jobs already. Most of them are in the other country living their lives and one of them stayed with her mom. She is the perfect daughter; great job and the caretaker of her mom. This movie is such a must watch because it will teach the family that no matter what happens your family is always there for you no matter what. :)


Monsters University! I've waited for this movie for like so long. HAHHAH! This movie was a great one but to be honest I was disappointed because I thought boo was there:/ HAHAH! But still it was a great movie because it sows how college life or school life goes. It teaches us to be strong all the time and even if Mike was so small he showed that he can do what monsters does but unfortunately, he was too cute for scaring. There were so many twists in this movie so you should watch it!!!

These Movies are really awesome you guys.Especially Despicable Me 2 Because of the minions :DHAHAHAH! I didn't spoil so that you would watch it already:D You should go to the nearest mall right noooooowww!! :) 



  1. NOOO!!! Monsters University should come before 4 sisters. BOOO!

    1. That's because you haven't watch 4sisters ;D