Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy place

So last December17 was our one year together and since it's his exams we just planned to celebrate it on the 19th. We just dined and played PS3 on the 17th (we realy love doing this where you sit there and just play and on the 19th we went to Star City :)))  I really love places like this because for me it's my happy place where I forget all the worries and everything bad. HAAHAAH. Of course it's a happy place especially if you're with you special someone.(char char char char.HAHAAHA) Okay so here it goes. Sorry for  the low quality photo guys. -.-

So we bought our tickets at SM tickets so that we won't fall in line.HAHHAA. I hate waiting in line.

Selfie before we go inside. HAHAHA

So before we go inside these mascots danced for us first. :)
My first ride. HAHHA
Our second ride was the Blizzard :)I actually had pasa after -.-

Our third ride was the vikings.HAHAH i was really freaking out. forgive my face.

So after the Jungle Splash we rode the Ferris wheel. I was shocked that it was air-conditioned. HAHAHA

Our View :))

My awkward face.(i bumped my head after this)

He really wanted to rid the Carousel. HAHAHA
The peter pan :) I really loved this lace because i was actually glowing. HAHAHA


Sorry for this super long post. I just wanted to share. HAHAHA! It was really fun going there. one year together baby! MY first.:) 


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