Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kid at heart

I am too excited to post about this trip and since I've been MIA because of SIMS 3 I'll post it tonight, :)

So awhile ago I went to Mind Museum with my cousin and my sister. It was a very fun experience because it was our first time to go there and all of the things that we saw was just breath taking. Especially the one where the Moon was featured and the whole place looked like the galaxy. We also played on the second floor because the displays on the second floor were the things that you can play with :)

 First Stop is the Chocolate molecule chuchu :)

Then we played with our shadows :)

We were really scared when we tried this because of the Kuya and the Mr. BEan episode where all the things sticked to him. HAHA :))

In the dinosaur path way :) (that's my sister) 

 With my Best Friend!! :)) HAHAH. IT was like Night at the Museum :)

 Groufie with the full moon (that looks like a sun in this picture) and the Galaxy on the ceiling :D

 The light path way :)) we actually forgot to take the picture of the displays because we were too busy playing hahaha! :D

On the second floor were some dresses and fashion things :))

Byeefrom us! :) The album is on my facebook which is Heeeerreeee :)) youcan see all the pictures that we took and the pictures that are showing that we are playing. HAHAH! I really recommend this place for the kids and the kids at heart because you can have so much fun while learning :)

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