Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chic Flix

So lately I've been addicted to watching these short films that are all about love stuff. I'm addicted like when I wake up I just switch my phone on and watch these films. Hahaha! I'm literally blogging on my bed right now thru mg phone. hihi;D So I've been watching these short films by Wong Fu Productionthey don't only have  those love films but they also have those funny stuff. Hahaha! But this post is my top 5 love short films;)) (I'll post the videos here :))

So my first pick is Away We Happened. It has six parts but each time one finishes the next video is already on the choices so just click it. I find this very cuuute! seriously. It's like a telenovela  and the characters are all so cute and great. I wish this could be a movie. huhu.(I can' post all of it here because this would be too long:()

My second pick is The Last. I watched this one for like so many times already. My boyfriend asked me to watch this one because I've been bugging him about the thing that I'm not hos "first". I find it so sweet when he told me to watch this. hihi;")

My third pick is Strangers Again . This is just my third because I find it superdyperultramega sad;( hahaha. But it is somehow true when it comes to the love cycles. THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING THRU A BREAK UP MUST REALLY WATCH THIS!  I also watched thos for lile a hundred times. ;))))

My fourth one is Somewhere Like This. This fourth one is for those people who don't give so much importance to their loved ones. Wait that's too harsh. Hahah! Sorry. Okay, maybe for thpse people who slightly ignore "somebody" or "someone" whenever they tell you they want to go here, go there with you just because you are too lazy to travel. A MUST WATCH FOR YOU GUYS!

My last pick is This Is How We Never Met. This is some kinda cute! hahah. It's a not so love story but it' a little bit of a love story because of those inside voices. You know those times when you are talking to yourself because you are somekinda shy. Hahaha. ;))

So these are my top 5 picks guys! tell me what's your top 5 picks on the comment box;)
P.S. if you are too sad after watching this. just watch THiiissss!:)

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