Thursday, May 29, 2014


I never liked wearing jeans because I feel itchy and I think it is always too hot to wear jeans. But since it is not allowed to wear shorts in our school, and the required length of the skirt  is a little bit long (actually when I wear one the length in front is just okay, but it gets shorter at the back part -.-) I'm starting to learn on wearing pants. It is really annoying every time I wear it especially when the sun is so very very up because IT IS SOOOO HOOT.

Kimono from Knots, Jeans from Lee, Shoes from S&H

I fell in love with studs ever since I got my ear pierced last year (Yes!Last year only :D)And I just loved this earrings from Avon perfect for everyday use or for formal events :)

Do you also have dress codes in your school and you are getting a little bit annoyed sometimes? Leave yor thoughts in the comment box! :)

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