Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Almost Over

Lately I've been sleeping at 3 am because of Meteor Garden. HAHAHA. I'm just trying to enjoy my summer. Well my summer activity for this summer is to watch tv, movies, Korean novela (FYI I finished 2 already The heirs and My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho gotta blog about my top picks after i finished the last two that I will be watching), Meet with my Love♥ go to the mall. Huhu. I know. Just a typical boring summer for me:( I even only went to the beach once to resorts twice! huhu.:( But even if my summer was just like that typical or not so boring summer, It's a little bit okay with me because I don't want to get dark. HAHAH. My skin's color takes a long time to go back after too much exposure to the sun. :D Actually my dream summer vacation does not consist of too much beach or pools. Maybe pool at night. My dream summer is just you know travel to the cold places, to provinces like Davao (because i lived there for 2 years and i miss it already:|), Road trip with friends or with my loves♥, go to festivals, you know stuffs like that.

Anywaaaaay, here is a not so laid back outfit I wear on some Sundays :)

On Sundays, I usually wear skater skirts or maxi skirts or full circle skirts because as I have said on my previous post I HAATEE WEARING PANTS. HAHAHAH :D

Bag from Parisian
I am a fan of these mix and match earrings and I'm in love with these. hihi. From Terranova

So there goes my not so summery summer and my Sunday outfit. :) How was your summer? Tell me about it on the comment box! :)

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